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Learn “How to Succeed at Failing… Without Really Trying!”

Failure IS an option!

We all deserve to be successful. We work too hard not to. But let’s face it—for some (like me), no matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, no matter how much time and practice and patience we put in, the only thing we ever succeed at is failing. So why try so hard if we’re not going to see the results we want anyway?

Follow my 12 easy steps and you’ll be a Certified Failure in no time! (Minimal effort encouraged).

Get sneak peeks and background info about characters from my upcoming novel

Who’s Mickey Patrick? Who’s Bethany Connelly? How will their paths collide and diverge? Read about their rise to prominence as high school athletes and celebrate milestones with them, their friends, and their families through the archives of their hometown newspaper, The Rockingham (N.H.) Daily Record.

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Bulldog DYKs!

A fun little tidbit on my favorite mush-faced little fart machines. Because bulldog, okay? Just bulldog.