About Edwin J. Norton

Aspiring author and adequate slow-pitch softball player

Edwin J. (E.J.) Norton is a former sports editor, journalist, and humor columnist whose work has been published in various award-winning daily and weekly newspapers in Vermont, New Hampshire, and upstate New York. He writes contemporary, real-world fiction that focuses on the dynamics of relationships between family members and friends, and battles with personal demons rather than supernatural ones. His writing has been described as “emotional,” “irreverent,” and “insightful” by people you’ve never heard of (like his mom and his old college writing teacher who died in 2008). E.J. is hoping to elevate his level of prominence from “complete no-name” to “that guy who wrote that thing that was pretty decent—what was it called?” soon; he’s currently seeking representation for his debut novel, MUTED RAYS OF SUNLIGHT. While you cling to the edge of your seat, rocking back and forth in ardent anticipation, you can enjoy his a-dork-able wit and charm right here on edwinjnorton.com as he naively navigates the world of publishing as a 40-year-old novice. He also publishes a monthly newsletter that you can sign up for here, and you can (and should) follow him on Twitter and Instagram for random non-sequiturs and his unsolicited thoughts on the world (because Twitter). E.J. likes bulldogs, baseball, and apple cider doughnuts, and he has never seen The Lord of the Rings or watched Game of Thrones.