To be taken seriously, an author needs a website. So here is my website.

Hello, friends and visitors. Welcome to my fun little corner of the Web World. 

I designed this website to be a living, breathing beast that grows and matures over time (and because everyone says an author needs one). I made it to entertain (see my Cloud 9 blog if you haven’t yet), to tell the story of my efforts to become a published author, to share news, and to inspire awww (see my bulldog slideshow; you’ll get it).

I’ve only recently embarked on the important and fascinating (but frightening) task of Search Engine Optimization. So if you have any advice in that arena, send it my way. In the meantime, If you see anything you like on here, give me a shout! If you have any ideas, give me a shout! If you’d like to write a guest blog, give me a shout! If you just want to show me your bulldog (not a euphemism), definitely hit me up! I look forward to sharing fun things with each other (again—not a euphemism)!

My Thousand-Mile Journey…

Ever since I was about fourteen and learned I could write a little bit, I always planned to write a book “someday.” Before I knew it, age forty was staring at me with folded arms and a disapproving look and reminding me that “someday” was still waiting for me, but with much more immediacy. I don’t know if I was ready, but I knew it was time to try.

As Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So take a walk with me, won’t you?

This graphic looks like it was Photoshopped by a 9-year-old. It’s perfect.

Float Away With Me On Cloud Nine

The 40-Year-Old Shaq Attack

No March Madness is madder than a chubby 40-year-old dude who wants to relive his basketball glory days. To be honest, I never really had any basketball glory days. I played high school hoops at a small school in Vermont, where I was a short skinny white dude in a sea of short skinny white…

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Gratuitous Bulldog Pic of the Week!

I guess she’s in the driver’s seat now.

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